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Feeling "Charitable" And Want To Give

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

There are two kinds of givers. Those who research and think through their options, then deliberately support a charitable endeavor they believe in. And then there are those who just give on the spur of the moment. Both are great. Which one are you?

The easiest way to be a “charitable person” is to give that small extra amount when requested at a cash register to support some cause that retailer has chosen. You may or may not agree with the way that particular charity manages it’s funds, but it is really easy and mostly painless to give that way.

Are you wanting to have more control over where your charitable contributions are spent and how effective they are? There are so many charities out there. One of the simplest ways to find organizations that reach a need you want to support…Google it.

Since our office dog, Chip is part Basenji, I typed in… “charities that help basenjis” and got the following: “Basenji Rescue And Transport Home”; “Basenji Heal Endowment”; “Basenji Club of America”; etc. Your next step could be to just go to the websites of those hits that interest you. I chose to go to and then navigated around on their website. One of the places to go first is the “About” section that usually tells you the history of the organization, the founders, their dreams, successes, etc. Many times you will find their “Mission Statement” which is something that has been carefully worked over by the “experts” to as clearly as possible, communicate what they are all about. Another place to go on the website (if there) is the FAQS section. That can give you a lot of additional information.

The last step in your research should be looking for reviews on that organization. Just type in “Review of Basenji Rescue And Transport” and see what comes up. I found the following: “Basenji Rescue And Transport Inc Reviews and Ratings”; “Basenji Rescue & Transport, Inc. Reviews|Facebook” etc. I found one very unhappy volunteer’s review and two very happy reviewers. I also got some confirmation of info I had already gotten from the Basenji Rescue And Transport website. I’m starting to feel like I like this organization now. After all, I have a Basenji (he is the 2nd Basenji we’ve had in our lives, so it’s obvious we love Basenjis.)

After your research, you decide this is most definitely an organization you want to support. Look for the DONATE button on their website. A few clicks later and you have successfully supported something that you really like and believe in. Beware, you will now be on that organization’s mail list and they will start sending you information, and additional donation requests.

Did you hear? Job 10:12 says, “You have granted me life and steadfast love, and your care has preserved my spirit.”

Kelly Bullis is a Certified Public Accountant in Carson City. Contact him at 882-4459. On the web at Also on Facebook.

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